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Valentine's Day shoots are a favorite of mine. The kids always look like little sweethearts holding a sign that says BE MINE or blushing behind a bunch of fresh red roses. This year I wanted to simplify this mini session and focus on capturing those babies in all of their cuteness. As a mother myself I can relate to how fast babies grow up and this session is there to remind you of how sweet and innocent they are at such a young age. My oldest is wearing the cutest tee from Little Adventurers Apparel and "Mama's Boy" could not be more true for him. He was an only child for 5 whole years and he has always wanted his mama for everything. These pictures will forever remind me of just that. In 2017 little brother Jameson joined our family and we quickly became a family of four...and a house full of boys. Even our 2 dogs are boys. I guess that makes me the Queen, right? Haha! Jameson has reminded me how quickly the baby stage passes you by. He's already 1 and I

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