Friday, January 27, 2017

Little Misfits

Trying to dress a boy can be a little difficult sometimes. I mean Carters can only really take you through the first year, and then what?! I just couldn't have my boy sporting teddy bears and baseballs his whole toddler life. I mean I'm a Vans loving, Blink 182 listening, tattooed mom! Then I found out about Little Misfits and all of my dreams came true. Dionne designs and makes some of the best tees for your little babes and you even have the option of adding on tattooed sleeves! JACKPOT!

Little Misfits is located in Oshawa, Ontario. Dionne first started this shop when she was looking for a baby gift for a tattooed loving friend of hers. And just like a lot of us moms out there, she couldn't find anything that suited her friend's style. She then came up with the idea of adding tattooed sleeves on onesies. Soon after others where asking her to make them similar items and Little Misfits was born. She designs TONS of tees and leggings too. Her designs remind me of growing up and listening to punk bands like ALL and cruising around at the skate park.

One of her newest designs for 2017 is a punk tee. It is so perfect and something I would wear myself! The best part about this shop is that her designs are perfect for your 8 month old and your 12 year old. Their tees are even available for your high school aged kids. Having a shop that can accommodate that wide of an age range with designs that are perfect for everyone in the family is pretty awesome.

Tee: Little Misfits
Jeans: Dudley Denim
Cactus Tattoo: Ducky Street
Arizona Tattoo: Jar of Buttons
Shoes: Converse
Shades: Subsidy Shades

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